About the Author

Through conversation and stories, two friends who like old movies, mysteries and history started talking about writing a book that featured these elements. One friend has two books published about her mother, Doris Markham.

Doris, who lived in Kansas City in the 1930s, experienced some of the stories told in this book. The other friend thought that a detective inspired by Doris Markham would be a great place to begin this writing adventure. As time progressed, the friends developed the Miss Markham Mystery Series. The main character, much like her real-life inspiration is spunky, hard-headed and fearless.

Murder Among Friends is the first book of the series; many more of the Miss Markham Mysteries are in the works. The name Juliet E. Sidonie is a combination of the two authors’ grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s names.

The authors would love to connect with you! They post news and events about the books, as well as historical content and additional information about the 1930s, on the blog and social media accounts.