The Real Miss Markham

Photo of Miss Deloris Markham
Miss Doris Markham, 1935. Courtesy of Deborah Dilks.

The Miss Markham Mysteries are inspired by a true life individual—Miss Doris Markham.
When she was born her mother’s friend suggested the name Deloris, but her father thought that name was too racy and her parents settled on Doris, instead.

The real life Doris was not a detective, but she did lead an adventurous life in Kansas City in the 1930s. Several incidents and stories from her life are woven into the fictional tales of Deloris.

If you’re interested in reading more, the life of Doris Markham is captured in two books written by her daughter, Deborah Dilks: Miss Kansas City Kitty and Mrs. Kansas City Kitty. Visit to learn more about the real Miss Markham.